Organizing the Mail

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It isn’t a very exciting are to organize but one that is very necessary – the mail.  Previously we had a very random system where dh kept the bills in a range of different places and the rest of the mail was dumped on my desk so that it didn’t get lost (ahem!).  I knew that wasn’t working when I was opening Christmas cards in late January!  And since I’ve established the new “homework zone” for the boys I wanted to keep my desk area very tidy and ready for action to facilitate “ease of homework”.  I had this metal file stand from another failed organizing attempt of years gone by so I’ve put it in the kitchen in what was formerly a common mail dumping ground so that letters, bills and messages for or concerning each member of our family can be easily located.  Dh has got on board with this one as he has all the bills in their folder arranged in the order that they need to be paid.  It is a shame that there are so many of them but that’s another issue entirely.

So I had fun with some coloured folders and my label maker and this was the result.

The Organising Junkie asks a few questions this week (or at the end of last week so I will respond here:

Number ONE reason for getting organized – so life will run more smoothly.  We will send less time looking for things and more time doing things!

Something I organized last week – the mail

Any breakthroughs? Yes!  The desk has be be tidied up every. single. day or the homework will be hindered!


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