Organizing for Homework

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I was MORTIFIED last year when both boys came home with report cards that had unfavourable comments about homework and personal organization.

Things had really fallen apart with routines and homework to the extent that it was all too hard for all of us.  So I resolved to start this year with better routines and habits and needed a dedicated space for homework.  In our small, overcrowded house that was a big ask.  Until the end of last year the boys did their homework at the dining table and if they weren’t finished by dinnertime it got shoved aside into what was already a blazing hot spot (to use FlyLady terminology).  Then things got lost and homework wasn’t done and we slipped right out of our good routines.

When I looked at this year realistically, I could see that we were likely to repeat the same patterns if something didn’t change.  We would still have irregular hours at times until I am back in full time work and this meant that the boys would be getting home and starting homework right on dinner time.  They needed to be able to get up and leave it and then come back and find things as they had left them.

So I’ve surrendered the use of the two desks in the main bedroom to the boys for that part of the day that they need to do homework.  This has multiple benefits.  It forces me to keep my desk reasonably clear.  The room is air-conditioned.  There is easy access to a computer if I allow it.  I can be in there dealing with laundry and/or ironing at the same time and there are far fewer distractions.

The boys thought the homework space looked great and Eric has put it to good use this week.  We’re still waiting for the big Year 2 boy to come home with homework and then it will really be put to the test!



4 Comments on “Organizing for Homework”

  1. Lorraine says:

    Looks great. Do they not distract one another? That’s an issue for us. The boys have a cupboard each to keep their stuff and A is very good at organising his things but B is notorious for leaving things lying around. Currently we only have the dining room as an option. I’m keen to get our sunroom (screen windows only) converted so that I can put a couple of desks out there. There is a desk in their room and I can trust A to get his done (after a fashion) but B has to be supervised constantly otherwise he just gets up and wanders off.

  2. katrinashome says:

    How lucky to have all that space to use, not really sure how it’s gonna work out here…..will have to go with the flow because simply have no more room to put anything anywhere – hope it all works out for you

  3. Jen in NSW says:

    I hope it goes well. My kids are not naturally organised either. It seems that it is something we need to teach them but it is hard when it is not natural for me either.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW

  4. Beet says:

    Looks like a good spot. Hope it works well for you as the year progresses

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