I’m still playing along with Helloowl’s My Place and Yours Meme but I’m cheating rather badly because I saw last week’s theme and loved it and just had to blog about it even though the time was up so I hope she forgives me and doesn’t ban me forever.

Deep breath.

You see, my favourite colour has always been green.  To be truthful I do have a few pink things around the place but that is more of a survival issue when living with three boys – I know they won’t touch anything pink!  But back in the day I was a green lover.  I was delighted when my parents finally agreed to paint my bedroom walls green because they picked out what they thought was a nice delicate pale safe shade of green only to find that on four walls all reflecting off each other it was a much stronger colour than they had bargained for.  I was in heaven.  It was the perfect place for my china (and plastic and pottery) frog collection.

We’ve got a bit of a green thing happening in our living area with pale green sofas and a light green as part of the pattern on the large floor rug but nothing major.  One day when I get to re-decorate the master bedroom it will be green, white and natural tones.  It will be so much more relaxing and inviting than the yellow, grey and white colour scheme it has now (what were they thinking?).

But I have a start with my green desk.   It is actually a re-purposed kitchen table from my MIL’s place so it could most likely tell a few tales of when dh was a boy.  It is just the right size for our current house arrangement in which my computer resides in my bedroom meaning I can escape to do work/waste time on the Net.  Without getting out of my chair I was able to quickly re-arrange things on the desk to make a collection of green things very speedily.  All these thing were already on my desk which shows how much I like green and how disorganized I am because many of these things probably should be elsewhere.In this picture you can see (from left to right) Clinique lipstick in a nice neutral shade (All Heart) that goes with almost anything – only the case is green, Green felt pen and green gel pen – I love gel pens and I love metallic gel pens the best.  One downfall of my new job is less opportunities for using gel pens -seriously! green packet of tissues always on hand, green Smiggle paperclip holder which is a bit strange to tell the truth because my other green Smiggle stuff has made its way to my desk at work – this might have to go on a drive tomorrow, green fabric paint that was sitting there with some red fabric paint from the beginning of the school year when I redid the names on the boys’ school bags.  Hey it’s August so I may as well not put them away because I’ll need them again soon! Terracotta plant pot painted with green metallic pain and then treated with crackle medium for that aged look and some faux jewels for glamour because don’t we all need some more glamour? Pale green Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton waiting to be knitted into something yummy as it’s official colour name is “sorbet” and lastly some green glass stones left over from the Little Athletics conference dinner which were just too pretty to leave behind.

So there’s my green stuff and a resolution in my mind to think green when re-decorating in here one day


2 Comments on “Green”

  1. Jodie says:

    So much lovely green! Isn’t it just the greatest colour? 🙂

  2. tanja says:

    love the thoughts – miss you blogging – how is the new job?

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