I’m finally playing along with Helloowl’s Meme again!  I read it each week and think “that’s a great idea – must blog about that” and then somehow I don’t get around to it.  But this week’s was going to be easy because I knew exactly what I wanted to blog about.  I went looking for my girl guide promise badge.  It is the Centenary of Girl Guides this year and I’ve been invited to a high tea at The Irish Club in town.  But I couldn’t find it after a short search so I’ll have to look a bit more.  Then I thought I’d get a picture of one off the internet – no good.  They’ve changed the badge since I was in Guides and I cannot find any images of our older style ones so for an image to go with this post you will just have to put up with the Girl Guide Centenary logo and a list of memories.

The blue corduroy dress I wore to my first guide meeting before I had a uniform

The Guide Handbook – reading it cover to cover

The Badge book

Lots of interest badges

Lots of cloth badge on a grey camp blanket

The lanyard and whistle that meant I was a patrol leader

Poinsettia Patrol then Wattle Patrol

Camping out in old ridge tents with no floors

Building gadgets (camp furniture) out of wood and cord

Putting together a bed roll

Big campfires

Cooking over trench fires

Lighting and cleaning kero lanterns

Learning first aid and home nursing for the first time

Creating simulated wounds

Lots of knots

Wide Games

Bras up flagpoles


Snow Skiiing



Helping fight a bushfire


BP Park

Many awesome women

Play along by visiting Helloowl’s blog here


One Comment on “Memories”

  1. Cherie says:

    Oooo nice memories. You reminded me I was a Brownie, have a snap somewhere too. Glad you played along, hope to see you next week too 😉

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