Hit the ground running

Day 14 of my new job today and life is now very much full on.  I am loving it however.  I’m working with some really cool people.  We’re are bringing joy to many, many people and my brain is getting a good work out with lots of problem solving, creativity and detailed planning to do each day.  I’m gradually getting into a good sleep routine which will ultimately help everything else.  I’ve joined a new gym near work so I can easilt incorporate exercise into my schedule amd I’m planning to cook more meals once I get the sleeping routine down pat.  I’m expecting that all to be a bit easier once the boys are back at school next week because at the moment they are often still up and about when I go to bed and not awake when I’m getting ready in the morning.

I think morning is set to become my best time of the day again.  I try to get to work as early as I can manage so I have a pleasant drive with the sun behind me and hardly any traffic to deal with.  I love arriving at work, swiping my security pass so the big metal gate opens for me and then walking to my office through the museum.  As I go through the museum doors it is almost eerily quiet and dimly lit if I’m there before the museum has been powered up for the day.  I always take a deep breath in to savour the scent of old machinery and smile at the dear old engines I have to go past to get to my office.

Coffee is normally the first thing on my agenda, followed by a check of the e-mail, calendar and task list, an informal chat with my team about what we are working on for the day and then a little later we meet with the VSOs who are on the front line for the day.

I’m using Microsoft Outlook for e-mail, calendar and task lists and I am really liking it.  I record tasks and prioritize them as soon as I can after I get them and then I can change my priorities during the day if necessary.  I can also arrange my day so that I am doing the things that require more energy and brainpower in the morning and then some more mundane stuff in the afternoon.  I have a heap of resource materials and museum activities to go through but I’m approaching it the way one would eat an elephant – one bite at a time!

One challenge is looking at the work I am familiar with – education with different lenses such as marketing.  Virtually all communication about the activities of the museum has to go through marketing and/or the government department we belong to.  The organization is starting to adopt social media but is approaching it very carefully.  I’m hoping to make use of my own personal learning network to generate more interest in and more visits to the museum.

So all in all, it is falling into place nicely.  I’m looking forward to doing an activity with school groups near the next school holidays because I know I am going to be really well prepared and well resourced.  It is going to be so satisfying to know that I’m putting my best into it and I’m sure it will reap rewards in terms of great learning outcomes for the students who participate.  I’ll keep posting here when I can, depending on my energy levels!


One Comment on “Hit the ground running”

  1. LOVE the coffee bean mug and LOVE LOVE LOVE the positive happy tone in this post. This job seems like it is a perfect fit for you.

    I just wanna give you a big hug!

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