I don’t have many treasures apart from the human ones that live here.  I treasure my stitching and knitting because I invest so much time in it.  I love my I-Mac computer because it is my window on the world but aside from that I don’t have much of monetary value.  If I think sentimental value then there are a couple things which sprang to mind for me to photograph – my teddy bear bought for me on the day that I was born by my Dad and a couple of beautiful Willow Tree figurines gifted to me by former students – one that says “thank-you” and another that is the Angel of Learning.  I’m joining in with this “My Place and Yours” hosted by Helloowl and discovered by the wonderful Ms Fifikins blog.  This week’s theme is treasure.  I’m looking forward to playing along and seeing what new themes come up each week.


2 Comments on “Treasure”

  1. Wendy says:

    I have an Angel of Learning too, given to me by a 4th year prac student a few years ago. I dearly love mentoring the 4th years. We always build a strong friendship. Wendy 🙂

  2. angelgurl says:

    I loved your angels, I collect angels….your teddy bear is a special treasure indeed (he is in very good condition). Your boys are cute…

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