Personal Shopping Angel

She will know who she is if she reads this blog!  I was spending some time at Threads and More yesterday to get some more work done on Daniel’s cowboy cardigan.  But I have also been hankering after a new knitting project and this time it was to be something for me to wear.  I had an idea of what I wanted but hadn’t been able to find it – a vest with long lines that would cover some of the lumps and bumps but still fit well.  My personal shopping angel just waltzed off to the bookshelves and came back with exactly the right thing first try! We did look at a few other things in magazines but it was the first idea that was the best.  Another idea we gleaned form the magazines was to add some wool embroidery and possibly some beads to the finished product so it will really be one of a kind.  So, I’m going to be knitting a Paton’s Button-Up Hanky Hem Top with side inserts to create more “swing”.  I’m using some delicious Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in “Heather” – 85% wool, 10% silk and 5% cashmere.  I have found myself stroking the balls of yard more than once since I came home with them yesterday.  We had to do a couple of tension squares to work out exactly which yarn and needles to use but I’m glad we did because it means I am way more confident about the finished product.  I’m excited about the embroidery part as stitching was really my first love so it will be awesome to combine two things I love doing.  I just need to get going on the assembly of Daniel’s cardigan so I can start.

At any rate I will have something to knit next weekend while I’m at the Qld Little Athletic Conference – just in case the lengthy debating of motions put forward by various centres is not absolutely riveting!


2 Comments on “Personal Shopping Angel”

  1. anissa says:

    Awe…. you are too sweet, just gotta watch my halo don’t slip!!!! see you next week. actually i might just knit along with you i want to make that vest too! (must go now…as i flutter my fragile little white wings away, singing in the most delicate voice you will ever hear!)x x x x x x x

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