Happy Saturday

Not this Saturday unfortunately!  I’m sick with the flu which I’ve been fighting off in order to work all week and now that the working week an other excitement is over I’ve fallen in a heap.  Eric is celebrating his First Communion and Confirmation tomorrow, we have heaps of people coming here and I’ve been in and out of bed all day!

However last Saturday I got to do a bit of escaping after a long boring week at home and spent the day hanging out at Threads and More.  In the morning I set myself up in the cafe with my knitting and my coffee and had a very pleasant morning putting some work into Daniel’s cowboy cardigan.  Then in the afternoon I was lucky enough to be able to do a class with Biggan Dups who produces the beautiful Biggan yarn I am knitting with.  We learnt finishing techniques for knitting, joining colours, making buttonholes, knitting into the side of things, blocking and sewing things together.  Did I mention this lady can knit at the speed of light? (or so it seems!)  I’ve never met a knitwear designer/yard producer before so I asked for my photo with Biggan and she graciously obliged.


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