Interviews and Leeches

There you have it.  My top two most hated things in the world.  I should be more specific and add that I am meaning job interviews here.  I have enjoyed many a good tussle with parents in parent teacher interviews over the years and have achieved many successes.

However job interviews are a necessary evil for me at the moment so I’ve had to learn to deal with them before, during and after.  While I haven’t yet had an interview that has resulted in a job I know that I have been successful in other ways and that gives me the encouragement I need to move forward with this new direction in my life.  My most recent interview was yesterday afternoon for a job I would absolutely be delighted to get so please cross your fingers for me blog readers!

Here’s what has worked for me in the interviews I’ve done so far this year –


Try my best to be really well prepared.  I’ve done as much research as I can on the various organisations I’ve applied to prior to each interview.  I’ve also made notes and thought through possible scenarios I might be faced with.

Getting good sleep in the nights leading up to the interview – easier said than done but I really do try.

Being organised for the actual logistics of getting to the interview – clothes picked out the night before, good plan for getting there on time etc etc

Getting there on time for some nice slow breathing in the car and being able to arrive in a calm, relaxed fashion.


Taking my time to answer questions so I don’t rush through it and make mistakes

Supporting as much as I can of what I am saying with real life examples of things I’ve done

Doing the best I can to relate the skills I’ve gained in 18 years teaching to different workplaces and jobs

Being realistic about what I am capable of and willing to learn more


Trying not to beat myself up too much on the way home.  I ALWAYS think of brilliant things to say after the event.


One Comment on “Interviews and Leeches”

  1. Sounds like you’ve got it down! And for the record, we ALL think of brilliant things after the fact. So don’t sweat it. I’m sure you did great!

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