Getting My Act Together

I officially love long weekends and I loved the one that we’ve just had (for ANZAC Day).  Somehow or other I found my organising mojo and went to town!  What really helped was that I acquired a piece of furniture to store my stitching and knitting supplies.  You’ll see from the “before” photo that I had an old table and collection of paper bags and boxes clustered around it with a project in each.  Not only did I have to search through 5-6 paper bags to find what I wanted to work on but it had also been suggested that it was a fire hazard.  I think the fire hazard notion was bit of an exaggeration!

The boys have recently packed away their Thomas trains now that several years of obsession have finally come to an end.  At the height of their train obsession we bought a storage unit from Ikea with blue and green pull out tubs.  Dh had originally put the whole thing under the house with the trains still in its tubs but I recognised its potential as a craft centre for myself and asked him to pack the trains into something else and bring it upstairs for me.  I went to a Tupperware party on Sunday morning and when I got home it was there in place for me.  I spent a very happy afternoon sorting out my stitching and knitting stuff.  Unfortunately I can’t say “all” of my stitching stuff because some still resides in a drawer in the bedroom but another drawer has been freed up entirely.  I’ve also got one knitting project that needs to be sewn up in a shopping bag and my knitting bag which I take with me when I am out and about.  But in the unit itself I have:

  • small tub for current knitting project, patterns and needles
  • large tub for yarn
  • small tub for thread – DMC and speciality threads
  • small tub for thread and trims
  • small tub for stitching equipment – no more digging to find scissors!
  • large tub for fabrics and Q-snaps
  • small tub for patterns and kits
  • small tub for felt projects (shared with Eric)

For years I have just stashed my craft stuff wherever I could in various places in the bedroom and living area and it was really hard to keep track of it all.  Now it is at my fingertips in an easily accessible place and I’m really looking forward to getting into some projects that have laid dormant for too long.

The organising didn’t stop there.  Getting all my craft stuff in order seemed to get me onto a roll but having that extra day on the weekend really helped.  We organised all the homework gear into a tub that can be taken anywhere and has the really important things ready to hand – like lead pencils.  I sharpened  heaps of these so everyone should be able to find on when they need it.  Then I planned the meals for the week, updated I-Calendar, my paper diary and the family calendar.   I also did a few hours of ironing – no where near finished but I’ve made dent in it.  It feels so good to have a handle on things.

Now if I can just process the paperwork on my desk…


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