Shops With Boys

With dh working full time and playing Bowls twice a week and myself working more and more often it gets harder and harder to avoid doing grocery shopping with the boys.  This is a fairly stressful activity because the boys really don’t like shopping unless it involves either Lego, DS games or Wii games.  But the time had to come.  Both boys have Ian Lillico style homework grids and shopping is generally one of the featured activities.  I always look at it and cringe before looking at something else.  Today I had to bite the bullet and take them with me.  This is how I made it work:

  • Each of us had a list.  Daniel’s list is pictured with my crude pictures to help him with the reading.  Eric’s list involved him going to the deli counter and asking for stuff.  Daniel was very eager to get what was on his list and get out of there and wasn’t all that interested in waiting for Eric and I.
  • We ate first. No one shops well on an empty stomach.
  • We weren’t getting a huge amount of groceries.  I wasn’t game to test them out for too long.
  • I let go of some of the control. Daniel got the bread that we wouldn’t normally get and threw apples and tomatoes into bags with more gusto than what we usually use. Eric pushed the trolley all the way from the shop to the car without hitting any pedestrians or fixtures. And it was ok.

Next time:

  • Longer lists for the boys
  • Have boys involved in writing lists – especially Eric
  • Some “rules” about moving around the shop – running at top speed tends to endanger other shoppers!

But I will do it again now that they have proven themselves somewhat.


One Comment on “Shops With Boys”

  1. Lorraine says:

    I dread going shopping with the boys. I usually try to bribe them by saying if they’re good they can choose something (usually k-zone magazine) at the checkout. But it never works. Giving them chores is an excellent distraction although I’ve just signed up with Aussie Farmers home deliveries and if I get the rest of the stuff on Tuesdays when all three are at school I should hopefully be able to avoid grocery shopping with them for quite a while.

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