Dipping My Toe In

I was in a classroom with an interactive whiteboard today so I thought I’d try finding something on-line to help spice up the lesson I had to do on climate, weather and seasons.  I ended up going with this Australian website but it wasn’t all that engaging for a lively group of Year 4s.  So I’ve got something in my arsenal for next time I’ve been hunting tonight for on-line resources that can be used with IWBs and I’ve saved the sites below to my delicious account so that I can try accessing them at different schools when I have the time.  So far I’ve found a lot for lower primary and not as much for upper primary and I will have to try them at various schools to see if they get through firewalls etc but it is a start.

I’m such a newbie at all of this that I was surprised to find classroom management tools on some sites – timers, weather and date charts etc etc.  There will be so much I can use when I get to have my own class again but for now I’ll just dip my toe into this brave new world and try out a few things when I get the opportunity.

If anyone has something else wonderful to suggest that I could be using or wonderful ideas on utilizing IWBs when relief teaching please let me know in the comments section.


4 Comments on “Dipping My Toe In”

  1. Rantz says:

    Congratulations on getting your toes wet and good luck for finding more resources for what can be an amazing tool.

  2. allanahphoto says:

    Thanks for the class blog comment. Kids really appreciate others commenting on the blog.

    As a reliever you might find this as a great resource for getting the kids to get with it.


    Set it to countdown time left to finish their work.

    Also here are some of my IWB resources


    Good luck


    Moturoa Classroom

  3. Thank-you for the great links Allanah! I really liked your class blog and I’ve put it in my Google reader to keep an eye on!

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