holy experience
My list is growing and I’m still finding it a really useful exercise.

33. Air conditioning

34. Internet connection for friends and for finding up to date information

35. One GP who listened

36. My great country – celebrating Australia Day tomorrow

37. Big athletics carnival at Ipswich with big challenges for the boys

38. Home made Ice Blocks

39.The chance to see so many kids achieving as I update little athletics cards

40. Nutritious leftover for dinner

41. Brown paper and plastic for covering books instead of contact!


2 Comments on “Thankful”

  1. joanygee says:

    Internet friend dropping by to say ‘Hello’.

    Old-fashioned enough to have liked seeing books backed in wallpaper. Hated seeing books covered with pages from trashy pop-star mags.

    Happy Australia Day!

  2. magsmcc says:

    I’m putting a listening GP into my list today as well. Bon courage!

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