It is another of those days when it is difficult to feel thankful about anything.  I’ve missed out on a job I would dearly have loved to get and it has hit me hard.  My sleep patterns are screwy again and that isn’t helping the rest of my days.

However, I am thankful for:

16. Time with good friends

17. Air conditioned movie cinemas

18. Access to good health food

19. Access to help and support at Weight Watchers

20. Potted up plants with help from a nine year old

21. Endless questions and thoughts from a wondering six year old

22. Anthony’s dedication and hard work in keeping three lawns and 3 lots of garden edges all maintained

23. Soaking rain

24. Long thick grass for the guinea pigs to graze (some of it gets left unmown for them!)

25. Cherries

26. Air conditioning in our home

27. Friends for the boys to sleep over with

28. Dinner out with Anthony sans boys

29. The ability to talk to my dr about what I really need to improve my health

30. The snores of an overtired six years old on my lap in the dr’s surgery

31. Lavender shower gel and body lotion to help me sleep

32. A big list of things to do to keep me focussed

You can find more Gratitude on Ann Voskamps’s Blog – Multitude Monday


4 Comments on “Thankful”

  1. Becky says:

    May you have a week full of more gratitude moments!

  2. Annesta says:

    Blessings to you! It is so difficult to wait on God’s timing for something that we really want/need. I will join you in prayer for a job.
    Grace and peace

  3. Jenny says:

    What a beautiful list, full of Him in the ordinary. This is where He wants to be…

  4. magsmcc says:

    You make me smile tonight! Here in the frozen North we have had mild days- I didn’t switch the central heating on until after 3pm today- unthinkable this time last week, when the freezing rain had just about washed the snow away! And I love the six year old snores- all I had were the cries of an overtired six year old- great parenting! Keep it all up…

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