Company Girl Coffee

I’m a bit late with this but with holidays and not much routine the days are just running into each other.  This has been the week of the Great Purge as we prepare for the Mighty Garage Sale on Saturday morning.  We’ve been having a last look at our baby toys, sorting duplo, cleaning up a high chair and a few prams.  I’ve still got to go through the book shelf as it is time for the little board books to go and a few peg type puzzles.  I’m also releasing several bags of clothes into the cosmos.  I can’t wear them now because they don’t fit and I’ll buy newer ones as I get down to different sizes.  It is such a giddy feeling to know that soon all we’ll have under the bed is a set of empty suitcases.

In other news I’ve been knitting from my “wonderball” I got for Christmas.  But it deserves a post all of its own.

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One Comment on “Company Girl Coffee”

  1. magsmcc says:

    I’d like the dress in the middle now, please!

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