Living with Negativity Part 3

This is a really tough one but very worthwhile at the same time.

3. Don’t get Caught Up in the Negative Spiral

It is very easy when a negative comment is made or even when one is on the receiving end of a tirade to answer back and the situation immediately escalates.  You can be perfectly justified in your “defence” or what ever you want to say to justify yourself but the negative person doesn’t want to hear that so it is isn’t worth wasting your breath.  Try taking a deep breath and giving the barest minimum of answers or even no answers at all.  Don’t get drawn into the other person’s negativity with more negativity of your own.


One Comment on “Living with Negativity Part 3”

  1. isildael says:

    This is the tactic I now use with the MIL. I’ve realised her hurtful negative comments have been solely to get a reaction so if she doesn’t get a reaction she doesn’t bother making them in the first place!

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