An Interview with Fiona – Edible 365

1. Could you introduce yourself to my readers please?

I’m Fiona, aka Fifikins or MsFifikins around the traps (twitter, flickr etc!) On my blog there is an about me page that probably says most of it, but I have just noticed has a rather old photo of me!
2. What is the Edible 365?

The Edible365 is a project that encourages people to take a photo of something edible, something that goes into their mouth, every day for 365 days. There is a group on flickr where you can post these images for others to see and also get inspiration from others.
3. Have you been involved with similar projects in the past?

Last year I took part in the Twitter365 project. I snapped a photo of myself every day no matter how I was feeling. I found this was a real eye opener for me as a person and I grew to see myself in a more positive light. In a society where image appears to be everything, I found I could be happy with myself and my body and not have to apologise for it! In my first photo I added a note about my double chin, yet towards the end of December I was having a photo taken of me naked in a shower outside!

One of my main inspirations for the Edible365 project is for me to chronicle what actually goes into my mouth. I have always loved cooking and eating and towards the end of 2009 started seeing a dietician and talking about food and energy and fuel and body mechanics and stuff like that! One of her big lines is to reward your body and your body will be grateful. Isn’t it funny how we see food as rewards, yet in a psychological sense- ‘I’ve done a half hour walk, I can have those chips with dinner, or that cake with my coffee or that ice-cream with the kids,’ rather than ‘Wow that feels great after walking half an hour, my body need some more fuel, how about I grab a punnet of blueberries?’

So I suppose for me, the project is also to challenge my philosophy of food. I am not about to go all organic and wholefood and carb nazi about everything! Yesterday I baked a kuchen which the man in my life and I really enjoyed! I enjoyed baking it and I think it tasted better than a bun from the bakery! It’s not something I plan on doing every day, but baking is part of my lifestyle. I enjoy it and it helps me relax. I would never bake anything and then say ‘Oh it has too many calories for me to have any!’ rather ‘I’d love to try a small piece!’ and then go on and share it with friends!

See, that’s another thing, I love sharing food! One of my other goals this year is to entertain more- have people over more!

4. Does one need to be a gourmet/expert photographer to participate?

Streuth no! In the pool already there are some great shots of food on the run- a lemonade icypole, chocolate and lollipops! I am nowhere near an expert photographer, but it is something I enjoy. I know people who have set up lightboxes to take photos of their food! Me, I snap it usually with my iPhone camera either on the table or on the stove! Nothing flash!
5. Are there any special rules for this challenge?

Not really! Just that you take a photo every day for 365 days of something that is edible! I know in last year’s challenge there were people who took photos and never uploaded them. I have no problems with people using the project as they wish. They may like to take photos for themselves and keep them private and use them as a reflective personal tool. Others of us don’t care who sees them!

One stipulation I have made is that the photos have to be in the flickr ‘safe’ category. Family friendly, thinking of the children!

6. Will you be blogging about it?

I would think so! Keep your eyes on!

7. Is there anything else you would like to share?

I think that’s about it! Just do what works for you!


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