The week that was

It is sort of a Limbo between Christmas and New year.  The old year isn’t over. The new year hasn’t started and I always feel a bit blah.  This year I found the Christmas preparations a bit stressful so I was sort of glad it was all over. A has started a mad cleaning and tidying frenzy all over the house but nothing is exactly clean and tidy yet – it’s just – re-arranged.  He had nominated a date for a garage sale however which is very very good.  He also has plans to get rid of the old microwaves (yes plural) and dishwasher that are under the house – oh joy!

My biggest project in the past week since seeing the dr on Tuesday is re-adjusting my sleeping patterns.  My “official” getting up time is 7:00am and I’m not quite there yet but I’m pleased to sat that I have two lots of cyber friends (the girls from the FLYing in Australia Yahoo Group and the girls from Courtney’s Women Living Well Message Board) that I can be accountable to.  So my party trick of the moment is getting out of bed as soon after 7 as possible, logging on to the computer and then staying awake for the rest of the day.  I’m sure it doesn’t sound very exciting but I assure you my life will become more exciting when I can get my 8 hours sleep at the right time!

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3 Comments on “The week that was”

  1. Diane says:

    It is a bit of a limbo, isn’t it? Not quite this, not quite that but still so much to do.

    Readjusting your sleep pattern sounds difficult, but I do know how hard it makes the rest of life when it is out of sync. How wonderful that you have on-line friends to be accountable to, making things a bit easier!

  2. carikaufm says:

    Good luck with your new schedule! you will be amazed at how much you can get done getting up a little earlier!

  3. LydiaCate says:

    Looks like you are getting a great start in 2010! Garage Sale…Woohoo-I’ll be getting rid of “stuff” in the New Year too. Getting up earlier…not my favorite but I also have plans to start getting up early starting Monday. We can do it!
    Happy New Year!

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