Being Thankful

Today it would have been easier to be a lot of things other than thankful.  I’ve tried to steer away from:

anxiety – the need to get everything done and to keep two boys amused

martyred – here at home doing all the housework or at least feeling that I should

anger – when the boys act up in shopping situations

But I am still thankful for:

8. good friends for the boys to play with at the beach

9. the chance to teach the boys some geography and history at Point Danger

10. the anticipation of seeing presents opened on Christmas morning

11. the long list of friends and relatives to send our Christmas newsletter out to

12. the thunderstorm and accompanying drenching rain we had this afternoon

13. take away pizza for tea with no power

14. junior monopoly by candlelight to pass the time

15. a knitting “rescue” that will enable me to keep working on Eric’s jumper over Christmas


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