Living with Negativity Part 2

I have thought about whether or not I should continue this series but I am going to do so as it is useful for me to clarify my thoughts and who knows, it might help someone else once day.  This blog is supposed to be about “What Works for Me” and unfortunately part of that is dealing with negativity.  So on to part 2.

2. Stay Calm. Remember who has the problem

Someone else’s problem does not have to become my problem unless I choose to make it that way.  I can just accept that someone is unhappy with something and that is their current reality and then move on.  I am in charge of my feelings and emotions and they do not need to be driven by anyone other than myself.  Of course, some problems need to be shared and for some problems I do need to take responsibility.  However I don’t have to be dragged down and made to feel bad about them.  Instead I can choose to look at problems as opportunities for growth and development.  So if someone in my life gets “wound up” about something it is not my duty to get “wound up” right along with them.  I can choose my response to any situation and as much as I can – I choose to be calm.  Sometimes I have to practice saying in my head “not my problem, not my problem” but I get there.


One Comment on “Living with Negativity Part 2”

  1. isildael says:

    Why wouldn’t you continue with this? Even if we know it’s true, it’s always good to be reminded. This post reminded me of a quote I read recently as part of a handling difficult customers course: No matter how others behave, you can choose the way you respond.

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