African Stripes

The following post is dedicated to the lovely Fiona who will soon be seeing some real African stripes.

Our house is a bit chaotic at the moment.  Ok, it is very chaotic.  All the books have come home from school as well as reports, portfolios and multiple Christmas cards, hand crafted decorations and candy canes.  The laundry is really out of control backed up.  And we’re off on holidays in the next few days – sort of progressively as some of us are remaining in town longer for certain parties!  So I’ve got a lot to do over the next few days but because I’m knitting this jumper for Eric I get to stop every so often and work on these which I’m calling African stripes.  It is very soothing to pause for a while and just think about five stitches, then slipping one and so on.

Naturally Daniel won’t be missing out.  He’s put in an order for this cowboy jacket stipulating that it must come with the sheriff’s badge!


2 Comments on “African Stripes”

  1. Fiona says:

    😀 Nice knitting!

  2. isildael says:

    The bit with the lions looks tricky. I’m just hunting around for a pattern for my niece. Thinking of doing a poncho. Good excuse to go yarn shopping!

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