Finishing Things

With money being a major cause for concern in our household due to the scarcity of relief work I’ve had to think a lot of the little “extras” in life and to that end I’m going to declare 2010 a “stash free year”.  I’ve got two drawers bulging with un-started projects as well as several projects that are “works in progress” or WIPs as us crafty types like to call them.  I’m really going to focus on finishing some of the WIPs especially as they are mostly destined for people who are good friends of mine.  So tonight I’ve had a good solid session of cross stitching and for a your viewing pleasure I havea WIP photo as well asa scan of that the finished work should look like.  I’m also going to be really up front and list all the WIPs I can think of.

Cross Stitch

  • at least three ornaments that are stitched but need finishing
  • Tropical Vacation Window – for Fiona
  • Train Birth Record – for Megan
  • Domestically Challenged Piece for me
  • English Rose book mark that needs finishing


  • Crocheted cushion cover


  • Patchwork Noro Top – still to be assembled completely
  • Jo Sharp Bath bag – needs assembling – and it is for me
  • Jo Sharp hand towel and face cloth for Fiona in the colours that match her stained glass
  • Lion Jumper for Eric

All of the above is quite enough to keep me out of mischief for quite some time.  The only exceptions to my no stash rule are going to be if I participate in the 2010 Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament challenge (and even then I’ll try very hard to at least use fabric from my stash) and if I finish all the knitting I’m going to start a jumper for Daniel.  I’m going to ask for gift vouchers to my favourite yarn supplier for Christmas, Mother’s Day and my birthday and put those towards Daniel’s jumper.  The craft shows will most likely be off the agenda as it would be too tempting and I’ve got too much stuff sitting in drawers from previous craft shows that I’ve never even touched.  One beautiful piece is a an Angel of Dreaming on beautiful hand dyed fabric with a pattern that includes beading.  That is really a project that I will enjoy sinking my teeth into so to speak.

But for now, please enjoy the pictures of tonight’s progress and I’ll share some more when I can.


2 Comments on “Finishing Things”

  1. isildael says:

    Good luck with that! I should do the same but I’d much prefer to start something new. I’ve got a cross stich sitting here that I started for Lynette before I had Eliot. I’ve also got a completed cross stitch similar to the one above that I had planned to get framed to put up on the boys wall – been sitting in the drawer since Brett was about 3. Perhaps I’ll get around to it for the grandchildren!

  2. MellissaD says:

    I have noticed posts both offering and requesting various craft materials on Freecycle, particularly yarn and fabric. Is this something you could look into if you use up your stash but don’t have the funds for more?

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