Just add water

It has been a hot few days in Brisbane.  It even takes a while to cool down at night.  So the “Learn To Swim” Christmas party at our neighbourhood pool was just what we needed this afternoon.  A wasn’t playing Bowls so I got to go an do a knitting lesson at lunch time – Eric may have a new jumper for winter but I’m not sure of which winter. And then we basically soaked ourselves in the pool for as long as possible.  Admission was free today and included a sausage sizzle, ice blocks, balloon animals (and swords in our case) as well as a visit from Santa.  Eric took on the very large inflatable and came off second best but I’m so proud of him for going back to try it again.  I think I would have chickened out at his age.  I’ve knitted more tonight (in the air conditioning) as I’m hoping to get a good start on this project before we go away.


One Comment on “Just add water”

  1. Rantz says:

    Grand photo of your lad – I shoulda stayed at my friend’s place with the spa all day instead of coming home this morning – it’s just too hot and the storms aren’t happening overhead, just everywhere around.

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