Better Not Bitter

Those words resonated for me from a post I read at the In-Courage website earlier this week.  Today I’ve had to face a very great disappointment.  I’m still reeling from it.  That’s all I can say about it except that it is going to change the course of my life for the next year or more.  But the woman discussed in the post above had a far greater disappointment (she lost the use of her legs) and she really did use it to make herself better rather than bitter.  I’m not kidding myself. I’m going to have some bitter moments but I have to see this as part of God’s plan for me and try to use it to change my life for the better.  I’ve still got my husband and family and reasonably good health.  We still have our house.  In a week’s time we’re going on a two week holiday to the beach that was already paid for thank goodness.

To make myself better I’m going to:

  • really work hard on improving my health and fitness
  • get a real handle on the housework so everything runs really smoothly
  • make a better contribution to the life of my family
  • cast my net wider for different opportunities in life.

But for right now the tears will flow for a little while.  I’ve got some time to feel sorry for myself because the boys have gone to a friend’s house before Little Athletics.  But I’m not going to wallow – because I’m going to be better than that.


One Comment on “Better Not Bitter”

  1. Linda says:

    Tears are allowed Tess – that’s part of grief and quite different to wallowing. It will take you time to come to terms with the change in direction: I sincerely hope a fresh direction gives you the renewal you need.


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