Not Astro Boy…



But unfortunately I’ve had “Gastro Boy” with me today.  He stayed home this morning and even though he complained of a sore tummy I really thought he was having a mental health day.  That was until we were driving to the drs and suddenly he was throwing up all over the front seat of my car.  So he got examined at the drs as well and most likely has one of the gastro viruses lurking around.  He was full of beans in the drs office but then started throwing up in the car on the way.

So what has worked for us today?

  • still carrying baby wipes even thought Dan is 6. I could whip his shirt off and clean him up before we got to drs
  • staying calm while driving along a bust main road with the passenger vomiting copiously beside me
  • Wii, Foxtel and TV to keep a boy amused
  • Air conditioning – seriously hot here today
  • Weak green cordial
  • a helpful elderly neighbour who minded the patient while I went to get Eric

So we’ve made it through the day and I’ve even managed to sit down tonight, after a late night last night doing the same thing, and I was able to finish the Little Athletics achievement cards – around 230 of them.  Whew! I’m glad to have them out of my life until after Christmas.  I’ve also filled out piles of paperwork for income protection insurance that we can claim as well as going on-line and printing out several payslips.  This afternoon I worked with Eric on his list of jobs for the Handipoints site and we negotiated screen time from points already accumulated.

So, in theory, everyone should be fairly happy tonight!


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