Prep Whispering

I had part of a day with year 6/7s and the rest of the day with a class of preppies (4.5-5.5year olds). Prep was fun!  I had a school officer with me who knew what needed to be done so I just had to make it all flow as smoothly as possible.  I did lots of cutting out – they were making silhouette nativity scenes and I found that I had to sing.  It was the best way to get them listening and focused on me before giving the next instruction or making the transition from one activity to another.  It is a looooong time since I’ve needed to do this sort of thing so I was a bit rusty but a few rounds of “All do as I do” and “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” seemed to draw them all back in from all the corners of the very large prep room.  I didn’t need to sing particularly loudly to get their attention either.  I’d just sit on the teacher’s chair and start singing and they’d all drift over from wherever they were.  Obviously they are well used to that sort of thing but having spent so many years in upper primary it was a nice change for me to be able to have such gentle, smooth transitions.

And by ten to three when they finished school for the day they’d stopped asking me where their teacher was and most of them remembered to call me “Mrs Mc”!


4 Comments on “Prep Whispering”

  1. Kelley says:

    I love the preppies!

    Except for the whole ‘ooops I needed to go to the toilet’ thing!

  2. lightening says:

    They are SUCH a CUTE age group. Hard work on a day to day basis though. 🙂

  3. lightening says:

    Oh, and I’m glad you enjoyed your day Tess. 🙂 You sound very positive at the moment.

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