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early morning stretchI’m feeling like an absolute idiot at the moment!  A week or so ago I set myself the goal of getting up by 7:00am.  I haven’t been very successful.  In fact, I’m still sleeping in most days.  I’ve also had very little work relief teaching – only two days in fact.  Anthony gets up with the boys and gets them off to school by 7:00am and if I don’t have to take them I don’t get up.  Our phone only rings four times.  Our phone is in the living area. Our bedroom is an extension on the back of the house.  Are you joining the dots yet?

I didn’t. Until this afternoon.  I was waiting for the boys at the pool this afternoon as one of Daniel’s friend’s Mums had offered to bring them to the pool from school with her kids for a swim.  When I got there Eric asked me why I wasn’t working.  Why would I be working I asked? Because they heard the phone ringing as they were leaving this morning and presumed a school was ringing me to get me to work.  It could well have been however I was unconscious.  Oh dear!

I’m feeling mildly nauseous to think that I may have missed DAYS of work because I’m not getting out of bed.  So I must get up.  Even if I watch Sunrise with a coffee in my hand I need to be up and within lunging distance of the phone.  I also need to work on getting a second phone for the bedroom. Pronto.

All tips on getting up early and staying up are welcomed!


8 Comments on “More on Mornings”

  1. Pat says:

    I had to put my alarm clock on a dresser so that I had to get out of bed to shut it off. I also set the alarm for five minutes later on my cell phone which I kept near my bed. When I got up, I would make the bed (if my hubby wasn’t in it of course) so I would not get back in it. Once I got used to getting up at that certain time, I didn’t need my cell phone anymore.

  2. I’m not much of a morning person either…but I find that if there’s something I HAVE to accomplish, or ELSE, it helps me rise on time! 🙂

  3. Jodi says:

    Hi Tess,

    Maybe you should get another phone with an extension in your bedroom? I know it’s a PITA having a phone in your room, but at least then, there’s a fair to middling chance you’d hear it ring. Take it off the four rings, too! if you’re not home, it will probably automatically turn the answering machine on after 15 rings or something.

    Otherwise, two alarms – even one of those annoying old fashioned ones! Pop it where you would *have* to get up and turn it off. Then get STRAIGHT IN THE SHOWER! Once you’re up and showered and dressed, go and have breakfast. Then you are ready to do whatever… It’s too easy to not get up or lie back down again if you’re not showered and dressed!

  4. Monica says:

    What worked for me was by arranging to meet a morning person that lives near by for a morning walk. I had my sandshoes next to my bed with shorts and t-shirt ready to go. If I didn’t go, I would feel like I let her down so I went at least 4 out of 5 days. We didn’t walk for miles just a few blocks and I did not feel like I wanted to crawl into bed after a morning walk. Since starting my new job, I have been skipping into work. Enjoying where you work has a lot to do with wanting to get out of bed, too. Good luck.

  5. Alegrya says:

    For years I would place my phone/alarm far enough from the bed that I’d have to physically get out and walk over to it in order to shut it off. Unless I was really sleepy I’d usually decide to stay up after the effort of getting out of bed. The suggestion to make the bed as soon as you get out of it is a good one and something I’ve done before too.

    I also find it helps a lot to not have an obnoxious alarm tone. Sometimes I’ll set the alarm to be the same as my ringtone because you get very accustomed to responding quickly to that and other times I pick a song that I like hearing first thing in the morning and then just swap them around when I get sick of the current one.

  6. Chookie says:

    OK, two separate problems. You aren’t getting out of bed (so I assume your sleep routine is still a bit whacky), and you aren’t hearing the phone.

    The extension line won’t actually fix Problem 1 unless you get LOTS of work and it changes your sleep habits. Do you have a clock radio? I used to have ours set to ABC Classic FM so I was woken up gently. Alternatively, you could get the kids and hubby to wake you with cuddles 🙂

    You should be able to change the number of rings the phone gives. Not sure a phone in the bedroom is a good idea as your (good) sleep might be disrupted.

  7. Lyn says:

    Do you have a mobile phone? You could divert your home phone to ring on the mobile. It’s what I do if something is important and I need to go out – but you could do it overnight to get the early calls

  8. isildael says:

    I’d so love to have this problem!

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