Blessings and Challenges

Today had definitely had its ups and downs. I’ve been blessed by:

  • see Eric run his hardest in the 100 m and 60m hurdles in a the junior pentathlon
  • seeing Eric thoroughly immersed in reading
  • great company and conversation at my social knitting group this afternoon
  • Anthony tidying up the living area and vacuuming to give me a head start on the housework for the night
  • Scribing a letter for Daniel to his new pen friend in California

However there are also some challenges:

  • A very strained conversation about my work (or lack thereof) and how we can manage just on one much smaller income
  • The great unwillingness and mini tantrums being thrown by one son whenever he is asked to help out with anything.
  • Piles of laundry everywhere that must be dealt with before Thursday (when I’m leaving on a jet plane, la la la la la la la la)

3 Comments on “Blessings and Challenges”

  1. father_and_son_of_Ynte says:

    Hi Teresa,
    Are you flying off on a holiday? I love the blog. I never did get to do the one at work. One day you'll have to show me. Let's grab a coffee next week. Ciao Ciao Connie

  2. father_and_son_of_Ynte says:

    Hi its Connie here. The title was set up by Bruce so I guess I'm the Mother of Ynte.

  3. Heidi Pence says:

    Sounds like your life is very much like the rest of ours- full of blessings and trials. Such is living. We make it through- the highs cannot be high without the lows of life. Chin up and those mountains of laundry will be gone in a few years when your sons are gone from your home. The time passes fast and you will never have those years back. I know as our sons are 20 and out of the house now for 2 years already. Have a great time where ever you are going.

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