A Slow Week

I think the highlights of this week were mainly today!
(Aside from the super awesome Gold Class movie experience on Wednesday night!) We had a slow sort of week for the second week of the school holidays, pottering around the house and not getting much done at all. But in brighter news I have re-discovered my knitting mojo and I’ve been knitting up a storm in order to finish my Noro patchwork top.
This morning I did a knitting class at Threads and More and learned about the fine of art of putting knitting pieces together. I’ve sewn up 5 out of 14 sections of one side of the top and I’ve got 2 1/2 sections to finish knitting before I can assemble the second side. The pieces go every which way as they are joined together so it makes an interesting effect. It would take one good knitting night to get the knitting finished but for the sewing and weaving in of loose ends I’ll need some time where I can sit at a table. If I don’t get much work this week who knows what could happen! So knitting class was a highlight and tomorrow I’m going to a social knitting group where I might be finishing my top or starting a face washer (wash cloth) knitted in scrumptious cotton yard in teal and cream. That will be the first highlight of next week.
The other high point was this afternoon’s Little Athletics meeting which was my first as Chief Recorder in addition to being Registrar. I was kept very busy all afternoon and we got nearly everything right. I just forgot to write times on one lot of 800m tickets but they’ll live. One of the new parents was my assistant and we had a great time chatting in between recording times and registering people. I have met some of the nicest people I know at Little Athletics. The boys did alright at their events but they are still getting into the swing of things for the new season. E did his very first 800m this afternoon and ran 3:58.3 min which puts him at red level which is the second achievement level for his age group. I think he goes well over a long distance and if I were to attempt anything similar I’d need an ambulance to be called!


4 Comments on “A Slow Week”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You've done a great job of joining. I hate hate hate joining, takes more concentration and organisation than I can commit too. I think I might outsource it in future!
    I'm about to start some dishwashers/facecloths and shopping bags to give away as Xmas presents as a way of using up my stash.
    Glad to hear you're having fun at Little A – I don't feel ready to get back into the sporting scene yet but need to drum up some enthusiasm for next term – Lorraine

  2. joyceandnorm says:

    I don't think I've ever finished knitting anything in my life, but a long-time friend of mine can knit anything. Great job.

  3. secondofwett says:

    I used to enjoy knitting many years ago…I found it very relaxing…but I dont think I'd find what you are doing very relaxing! Now, I just quilt….hope you get your project done soon!

  4. Diane says:

    I'm with secondofwett – I *can* knit, but chose to quilt, LOL. Still, your top looks gorgeous – love the colors – and it looks so soft, as well. Is this meant for a gift, or for your own use?

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