Planning for the School Holidays

I’ve got less than a week before my boys are home with me for two weeks and I’ve decided not to just let this holiday flow past and then regret the things I could have done with them. So this afternoon we had a little brainstorming session, I did some web surfing and we had another ideas session. We’ve come up with three lists:

  • Things to do at home
  • People we’d like to see
  • Places to go

We certainly won’t do everything on the lists but it gives us more than enough ideas to go on with and we can have some of our days planned which gives us something to look forward to.
To share some of our lists:

Things to do at home

People to see

  • Nephew coming for a sleep over
  • Friends to catch up with who are not necessarily school friends
  • Some school friends

Places to go


2 Comments on “Planning for the School Holidays”

  1. Muthering Heights says:

    I love the notion of having a plan for the time off..that sounds like something I would do too! LOL!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I've left it a bit late (last day of school tomorrow!) but I'm also working on a plan for the holidays. Hopefully there are still places available for the workshops and things they want to do – Lorraine

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